View Full Version : Cleaning Riteway Film Holders

21-Nov-1999, 17:30
After moving to a new house, I just opened a box containing 30 old Graphic 4x5 R iteway cut film holders, to find them covered in dust. Can I clean them by wash ing in running water, or is there felt in the light traps? If not, how does one clean them? I don't think compressed air would work. Thanks, Mitch

Richard Fish
21-Nov-1999, 21:58
Try the vacuum with the holders closed, then open them up, take the dark-slides out and re-vacuum. Let them sit for a day, then dust the inside are where you're going to load the film using a good camel hair brush. Works for me with both 4x5 and 8x10.

Skip Abadie
21-Nov-1999, 22:06
Dick's idea seems good. Just don't use running water on them. I tried it on some old and seriously dirty Riteway holders and it ruined most of them. The fabric tape came off some of them (easily repairable)and the flaps warped on others (not easily repairable).

21-Nov-1999, 22:33
Thanks Guys. Mitch

Patrick Raymore
22-Nov-1999, 13:24
Be sure to clean the outside really, really well before drawing the dark slide. If you pull the dark slide with dust on it, the dust becomes deposited on the felt light trap inside the holder. There after the holder will always leave a few specks on dust on you film no matter how well you clean it. I rare buy used holders for this reason. You may save a few dollars but spend a lifetime spotting.

My friends are always amazed at the lack of specks on my developed film. Reason? New holders go from quart size zip locked bags to quart size zip locked bags after being cleaned.