View Full Version : Suggestions/How To--Tripod for 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 Scovill Field Camera Camera--from Colo.

Raymond Bleesz
8-Aug-2016, 08:36
The camera I have is a 1891 Scovill Albion Camera which has a unusual tripod base--a ordinary Folmer type wooden tripod does not work with this camera. Hence I am asking for suggestions on "how to" make a tripod Gizmo which may work on this type of camera. I am in the process of getting an old architectural tripod which I may be able to utilize, but its the "head", between the base of the camera & the tripod head itself which needs improv. Do you have a suggestion, photos of your gizmo, or other suggestions??


8-Aug-2016, 10:17
post pix of the bottom of your camera

Raymond Bleesz
8-Aug-2016, 17:26
Thank you for your interest---this camera folds upon itself & by doing so, it protects the lens when folded. Here are a couple of images of the base tripod area.153677

Raymond Bleesz
8-Aug-2016, 17:28
here is another image of the base ---153678

8-Aug-2016, 19:13
You need the tripod adapter plate. Three arms that lead down to a center point where the tripod could be attacked. Go to the below link and scroll down to the elm city outfit. Similar to what you need. The plate next to the camera