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3-Aug-2016, 23:59
I recently came into the possession of an amazing beseler enlarger in what is essentially perfect condition minus the arm to open the film tray, a slight need for a tightening mechanism so i can swivel the head and secure it at 90degrees, and a cold light source. does anyone have any resources to where i can find these parts? from what the owner told me Zone VI is the way to go in terms of cold light sources but I'm unsure as to which head i need to my enlarger. If anyone has any input then please let me know!

Kevin Crisp
4-Aug-2016, 14:42
Charles Beseler Company is still in business, with exploded parts diagrams and parts lists on their website. Many of the 45 series parts have remained unchanged from model to model.

Nothing magic about Zone VI heads, which were rebranded Aristo heads, except they have the photocell that works with Zone VI process controls like the compensating timer. If you're not using those, no advantage to the Z6 head. Heads that will fit your enlarger are common on the auction site.

The original color output was bright white with a little blue tinge. It works fine with graded papers. People claim that with yellow filtration you can use multi-grade filters but in my experience you will never tame the contrast. I really tried. You need a more modern tube, I think the number is V54, which is a blinding intense aquamarine color and works fine with multicontrast paper and filters. Unfiltered it is somewhere between grade 2 and 3. You can buy a new style tube and install it in an old tube head if Aristo's successor is still making them. If you break either tube you spill mercury so be careful. They are fragile before they are fully wired in from below.

The successor to Aristo has had uneven interest in this product so you better check. They initially said the product was obsolete, then they had enough interest they made some tubes, I don't know the current status.

4-Aug-2016, 15:23
The cold light heads are readily available on eBay for under $100. Search under "Aristo". You will need model D or D2 (D-II) which fit both the Omega D series and Beseler 45 series enlargers.

The part you are looking for is the "negative stage lever" or "opening stage lever", Part No. 10-04611. There is also a knob on the end of the lever , Part No. 568-40-06. I have never seen either of them on eBay. You might have to buy a used bellows assembly to scavenge the parts.

4-Aug-2016, 21:23
Thank you both kevin and febaerryman, I think id like to get the compensation timer for the same of ease of use. And i never would've found the parts numbers needed on my own! thanks a bunch!

Reinhold Schable
4-Aug-2016, 22:45
4x5 Beseler's have a nice advantage with the larger (6-3/4~6-7/8" diameter) illuminated circle.
A lot of enlargers have illuminated circles that just barely cover 4x5, limiting them for panoramic formats.
I've had to turn down orders for 6x15 negative carriers because the enlarger's circle was too small.

--- "What..??... I've never heard of 6x15 format!"...

6x15 is the same ratio as 7x17 and 8x20 ulf format (1:2.5) and ...can be enlarged... if you have a 4x5 Beseler.
Here's how I adapted a 6x17 Fotoman to 6x15 so I can enlarge panoramic negatives:
(Much more portable for my 81 year old bones).

6x15 negative carriers here: