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Lisa Stinner
20-Apr-2005, 13:58

I recenly bought a knew 135mm Wide Field Ektar in a Supermatic shutter. I was wondering if anyone knew what size lens-board opening - copal- I would need to adequately secure this lens? I am using a Linhof III Technika and will have to buy a new lens board for it.

Thanks so much for your help!
From your Canadian friend,


Jim Rice
20-Apr-2005, 15:42
You will need a blank board and to cut the hole to size.

Jim Rice
20-Apr-2005, 15:49
BTW the mounting holes for Copals are as follows (from skgrimes.com)
0: 34.6mm 1: 41.6 3: 65 3s: 64.1.

20-Apr-2005, 15:52
I think a Copal 0 sized hole should work...

Gem Singer
20-Apr-2005, 15:54
Hi Lisa,

Check with K.E.H., in Atlanta, GA. (www.keh.com). They have several previously owned Linhof Tech. lensboards listed on their website. A call will verify if one of them will fit your shutter. They also have a blank one listed in case you need a special size. K.E.H. ships internationally.

Juergen Sattler
20-Apr-2005, 16:04
Not the answer to your question, but here are all the hole sizes for all shutters out there - I have bookmarked this page (it's actually from this forum) and use it all the time: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lensboard_hole_sizes.html

Jim Rice
20-Apr-2005, 16:19
Very cool link, Juergen. Alas the Supermatics are missing.

Dan Fromm
20-Apr-2005, 16:23
Lisa, it isn't a new lens and Supermatics don't conform to the Prontor/Compur/Copal ... sizes. Get a board, send it and lens to a craftsman such as www.skgrimes.com

Jim Rice
20-Apr-2005, 16:56
A lot depends on whether your boards are wood or metal. As Ralph said in the link, there are options: for metal boards, your local machine shop is your friend. Just tell them how big to make the hole (give about .010" for clearance). For the wooden boards that I use (Wisner), I find an undersize hole saw and whittling usually suffice.

michael meyer
20-Apr-2005, 17:10
i have a 127 ektar in a supermatic shutter. it needs a hole in the lens board that is just bigger than a copal 0 opening. i bought a lens board with a copal 0 opening and then sanded (and cleaned thouroughly) the opening to the size i needed.

it ain't a glamorous solution, but it seemed to work for me.


Juergen Sattler
20-Apr-2005, 18:03
That's exactly what I do when I need a slightly bigger hole - it just isn't worth the cost and time to send it to SK Grimes. Some sand paper and a rounded file can do wonders!

Lisa Stinner
20-Apr-2005, 19:45
Jim, Juergen, Dan, Francisco and Michael... Thank you so much.

So by the sounds of it, my best best is to file a lens board down myself. I also own a 100mm wide field ektar, and it is smaller than a copal #1, but this 135mm wide field ektar is just (by a hair it seems) larger than a copal #1. SO, I'm going to look on ebay for a Technika lens board with a copal #1 and file it down.

I really appreciate all of your speedy replies!


Lisa Stinner
20-Apr-2005, 19:48
Oh, and thank you Eugene!

I will also check out www.keh.com right now, before I attempt Ebay.



Jim Galli
20-Apr-2005, 19:52
Lisa, It's 46mm.

Greg Tims
21-Apr-2005, 17:39

Online copy of the original Kodak Wide Field Ektar Lens publication can be found at the Camera Instruction Manuals Online website (http://yandr.50megs.com.) The direct link to the publication is yandr.50megs.com/kodak/ektar/page1.htm (http://yandr.50megs.com/kodak/ektar/page1.htm)

The instructions for mounting the lens begin at the bottom of page 3. Table III (on page 4)indicates 48mm to be the appropriate lens board mounting hole diameter for the 135mm Wide Field Ektar.