View Full Version : Ilford FP4+ 5x7 notches missing

2-Aug-2016, 20:46
Hi everyone,
I wonder if anyone had notches missing on any of the sheet film?
First few sheets of FP4+ 5x7 had poorly cut notches while most are missing them completely.
My batch is 98DFM1C01/05-5 exp. NOV 2016


Jerry Bodine
2-Aug-2016, 23:00
If that were my experience I'd be inquiring directly with Ilford, using this link:


They've always been good about responding to my queries within a day or so.

3-Aug-2016, 04:35
thanks Jerry for good advice

3-Aug-2016, 05:22
hi igor

i had that problem with tri x ...
a bunch of it ( strangely enough 5x7 )
was un notched, or barely notched ...
i think i just figured out which way the film curved and loaded it anyways ..
i called big yellow and let them know the batch &c and they said " oops ! "
the film was fine ...
good luck !

20-Sep-2016, 21:34
My guess is that it was cut down from 11 x 14 sheets, so only one of every four pieces had notches.

- Leigh