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Scott Davis
20-Apr-2005, 08:19
I am centering the camera on the mounting block. I took another look at it this morning and it appears that the tripod isn't beefy enough. I've got another one in storage that has umbrella bracings between the legs and column, and should be strong enough. I was hoping to avoid that one as it is very heavy to carry around, but if that's what it takes, well...

Other than the Ries/Berlebach tripods, can you or anyone else make a recommendation of something that is beefy enough to handle a C-1 or similar (further down the road I'll get a Canham metal field, but the C-1 is good enough for now), but doesn't weigh more than the camera with my Commercial Ektar attached? I'd like something in Carbon Fiber if possible.

Gem Singer
20-Apr-2005, 09:28
Hi Scott,

Take a look at the tripod that Fine Art Photo Supply handles (www.fineartphotosupply.com). It's not carbon fiber, but looks like it would be ideal for your purpose.

Dave Moeller
20-Apr-2005, 10:10

Any particular reason you don't want a Berlebach? "Bang for the buck"-wise in weight handling, they're very hard to beat. And an extra few pounds isn't going to make that much difference if you're already hauling the C1.

(The only reason I mention this is that the weight of the C1 is so large that you risk vibrations from the tripod legs even if the tripod is strong enough. Wooden tripods dampen these vibrations very effectively.)

Be well.

20-Apr-2005, 11:19
I don't know that you'll like this suggestion, but I use an old Zone VI tripod with my C-1. It weighs about the same as the camera. I carry it all on a converted baby stroller (pram) and, while some folks on this site are aghast at the suggestion, I hike for miles with it - in Florida - in the summer.

I like the C-1 a lot. But then I'm a stumblebum and fear I'd smash a lightweight wooden camera.

Scott Davis
20-Apr-2005, 12:39
The reason I was looking for a carbon-fiber tripod and not a Berlebach or similar is that I wanted something easy to backpack with. I'm a big fan of backpacks for my camera gear, as they make it possible to do things like travel with my complete Hasseblad kit (1 body, 3 lenses, 1 superwide, 4 film backs, and 50+ rolls of film, and don't forget the Xpan while you're at it). The C-1 will be relatively easy to handle in comparison, weightwise. Thus, I was looking for something I could easily strap to my backpack when hiking around outdoors. Sounds like this may be a total pipe dream/fantasy however. I'll take a look at options when I'm at the LF Conference at the end of May.

Dave Moeller
20-Apr-2005, 20:25
Berlebach does make wooden tripods with 3-section legs. The 7033 model closes up to about half a meter and holds as much weight as my 3032. (It's not quite as tall fully extended, but I find that I rarely use the 3032 fully extended with the C1, and I'm 6'7" tall.)

The weight is, of course, still not as light as a carbon fiber tripod. No wooden tripod worth anything will be.

Scott Davis
24-Apr-2005, 21:11
I dug out my bigger tripod, and that made all the difference. I'm still shopping for a lighter tripod, as this one weighs at least as much as the camera I think - it' s a Bogen 3036 legs. The center column is solid, and is hexagonal in cross-section, and much shorter to boot, so it is much less prone to vibration. The old Gitzo head I bought to match with the camera works fine, and so now I can actually go shoot with the thing.