View Full Version : SHEET FILM IS NOT DEAD!

paul owen
20-Apr-2005, 04:34
As part of my planning for the forthcoming FREE UK LF WORKSHOP I have come across an excellent supplier of black and white sheet film and chemistry - based in the UK! Some of you may already have had dealings with them but I thought I'd let any interested parties know! RETROPHOTOGRAPHIC (www.retrophotographic.com) have stocks of "interesting" sheet films in a range of speeds and what's more, a range of sizes - and not just 5x4 and a bit of 10x8! Nigel DEAR at Retrophotographic also has packs of 11x14, 5x7 and 13x18 sat on his shelves too! I had a chat with him and he is also able to get film cut to size - any size (contact him for details). He stocks a range of formats, 35mm, 120 included and also a range of chemistry. Much of the film is of European origin and is very reasonably priced and available in different quantity boxes. I discovered that Nigel is also a committed LF user too! I was VERY impressed with his enthusiasm for all things LF and thought I'd pass on this useful information for anyone scratching their heads when trying to source sheet film! FILM IS NOT DEAD!!

Ole Tjugen
20-Apr-2005, 07:44
You have neglected to mention that he may also have a few packs of 9x12cm glass plates (Slavich PFN-01) left! :)

Mark Sawyer
20-Apr-2005, 10:53
Poke it with a stick, see if it moves...

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
21-Apr-2005, 12:55
Thanks Paul for the contact.

I am building up a 10"X4" system from my old Sinar P and could well use a supplier for custom cut film. Any other similar information particularly for 10X4 format will be well received at this end. Stan. L-B