View Full Version : Darlot wide angle lever's number

28-Jul-2016, 06:41

i'll like to know which focal length for the Darlot hemispherical wide angle lens has the number 3,5 and 7 on its aperture lever. I'm also seeing some with 4,6 and 8 like a #3 5".


Bruce Schultz
28-Jul-2016, 07:46
Somewhere I read those numbers indicate the increase of exposure for the smaller aperture. So if the exposure with the lens wide open were 2 seconds, the 3 would indicate the exposure would be 6 seconds.
But I could be wrong.

Steven Tribe
28-Jul-2016, 08:01
Best to start with CCHarrison's Darlot catalogue at

THis gives diameter and focal lengths for the various sizes.

28-Jul-2016, 08:28
I read the same thing about the aperture but i'm wondering why some focal length has pair and other impair number.
Which focal length have 3,5 and 7 marked on them. I saw both on the web but most of the time there is no information about the focal length.