View Full Version : The Art of Engineering: a review of the Gibellini 4x5 Camera

27-Jul-2016, 23:51
With photos and stuff!


Tin Can
28-Jul-2016, 04:10
Richard, thanks for a practical usage review.

I would like comments on the 'handle' and why you don't change to glass GG.

More about the 'chosen' lens would be interesting also.

Great work as always.

28-Jul-2016, 11:45
Hi Randy, I like the handle as it does make carry the camera easier. It's a bit more bulky than I would like, as it makes putting the camera in one of my backpack more difficult.

As for glass GG, I didn't realize it's going to be plastic until I broke my Chamonix GG and Alessandro mentioned that his is high impact plastic. He highly recommends it for its strength. The way it is designed, I think I can replace it with a glass GG if I wish, but I don't think both a Fresnel and a piece of GG would both fit, but Alessandro will need to confirm that. For now, I am OK with it, so not planning to make any change or inquiry yet.

"I used to have money", whereas nowadays it's a series of famine and rare occasions, feasts (long story) so I do try to get "the best" that works really well. To me, the number one criterion is the quality of the results. So now I have a set of "dream lens". My philosophy is that if I get the best tools, then if the images suck, I have no one to blame except the idiot pushing that button. Eventually I may write about those lens. Will I get similar results from other lens? Probably, except for the Cooke. It is something different.

Kirk Gittings
28-Jul-2016, 14:03
Great camera. Looks like their website is down?

28-Jul-2016, 14:18
Great camera. Looks like their website is down?

Yes Alessandro is aware of it and it's being fixed

30-Jul-2016, 12:25
Good write-up, Richard; I've been trying to find time to do a review of the 8x10 Gibellini, but work has become a nonstop barrage.
I thought the "Gibellini-size" lens board was larger than 96mm, something like 110mm, so he may have changed his design.
Like you, I think the camera is great, but the negatives/cons left a stronger impression with me than they did you.