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don lee
27-Jul-2016, 17:02
Hello All,
I inherited a 4x5 camera that was damaged in a flood and is in bad shape, I am wondering if it is worth parting it out and making available to folks who need the bit and pieces. The exterior leather and bellows are toast, most of the wood and brass is ok.
The camera says:
R.B. Cycle Graphic
Folmer and Schwing Division

The lens says
Graphic Rapid Rectilinear
Eastman Kodak
Folmer and Schwing

The lens is in OK shape but doesn't seem to function, can't make it trip and the iris doesn't move.
Trash or treasure?
thanks much

27-Jul-2016, 18:20
The lens was very common and essentially generic. Not worth much.

If you want to part it out, wait a month and you'll have access to sale/trade forum. Most anything that age is going to have bad bellows and leather at this point.

Jim Jones
27-Jul-2016, 19:09
The R.B. Cycle Graphic was a beautiful camera made in three sizes, 4x5, 5x7, 6.25x8.25. and 8x10. Production started in 1907. The 4x5 and 8x10 were discontinued in 1920, the others in 1922. The name Cycle Graphic alluded to it being small enough [!] to carry on a bicycle. The Rapid Rectilinear lens was designed in 1866, but produced perhaps into the 1920s. In its prime it was well regarded, but is certainly no match for many newer lenses. You might offer it as a parts camera when you are eligible to participate in the sell/trade forum.

don lee
28-Jul-2016, 15:02
Thats great info and much appreciated. I will take your advice