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26-Jul-2016, 14:55
I want to shoot Horseshoe Bend this October. I have a 65mm lens for my 4x5. Has anyone had any experience with that combination? From what I can calculate from GIS imagery, I should be able to get the near shore and some sky but I'd like to be sure.

26-Jul-2016, 16:45
I haven't shot with a 65mm lens, but here is Horseshoe Bend at sunrise with a 75mm lens on 4x5 (Velvia 50). I have shot it with a 120mm on 8x10 (60mm 4x5 equivalent) but I don't have a scan.



26-Jul-2016, 17:30
Thanks, Bob. That's exactly what I needed to know. If 75mm can get the full perimeter of the river bank and some sky, I should be okay with the 65.

Great capture by the way.


27-Aug-2016, 10:50
It's not a shore. It's an overlook looking down. 3/4 mile hike. You can get right to the edge. No fence. Shadows can be deep. It's a beautiful site.

27-Aug-2016, 12:57
It's a beautiful site.

And, much loose pebbles, etc, last time I was there so be very careful when getting near the edge!

27-Aug-2016, 16:40
Oh yeah, it's a long drop but they'll be able to recover the body!