View Full Version : Where to obtain a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 ground glass?

Raymond Bleesz
25-Jul-2016, 19:04
who makes custom fresnel lens for my needs, a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 piece of glass for my camera? I have attempted to make my own, however, it's beyond what is reasonable.


Raymond Bleesz
25-Jul-2016, 19:05
Perhaps fresnel lens is the wrong term, I meant a "ground glass".

Oren Grad
25-Jul-2016, 19:26
I've revised the thread title accordingly.

Richard Wasserman
25-Jul-2016, 20:12
Steve Hopf can make whatever you need. He does first-class work and is a great person to deal with. http://hopfglass.com/index.htm

Jim Andrada
25-Jul-2016, 20:16
Steve Hopf made one for my Full Plate Kodak about 3 years ago. Had to file it down a hair to get it to fit, but it's great.

David Karp
25-Jul-2016, 20:39
I highly recommend Steve.

26-Jul-2016, 06:46
It might seem daunting at first, but cutting down a 8x10" ground glass is simple and safe. An inexpensive scoring tool (http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/productImages/400/23/23cb1d8f-fbc9-4092-8468-95075a6a8540_400.jpg), right-angle and a flat surface is all you need. If you make it just a hair too large, sandpaper removes an edge quickly and easily. (It is a good idea sand the sharp edge anyway.)

26-Jul-2016, 11:12
My wife broke the ground glass of the 5X7 back of our whole plate camera. Stubborn person that she is she made a replacement. I think she also bought a whole plate size as well to make a replacement for our Seneca Improved. It took her more time than the videos shows it should be she works slow and takes her time making sure of her work.I am sure that the next 5X7 and the whole plate ground glass will take her less time.

A window glass place will also cut down a 8X10 to whole plate size for you. The 5X7 that my wife made was just a tiny smidge too big when she was finished as she had not checked first and took it to the place we bought the glass and they were able to cut a smidge off of it.

26-Jul-2016, 13:26
But was that a metric smidge or an imperial smidge? Enquiring minds want to know!