View Full Version : Jobo 3005 tank and Beseler Motor Base

25-Jul-2016, 16:49
I've switched to the 3005 tank, which is great in that I can process 5 sheets of 8x10 at a time. However, my rotor base which is bi directions won't turn the tank more than a full revolution, so I keep it going in one direction and manually take the tank and reverse it. I am curious as to those using the 3005 tank, how are you agitating?

Also, how are you filling liquids into the tank? I've been standing the tank up, pouring the liquid in, then putting it on the rotor base.

I'm hoping to find a solution to my uneven development.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


David Karp
25-Jul-2016, 17:00
I run my base in one direction and everything comes out fine. Other people pick up the drum and turn it around. Watch the drum to make sure it does not walk off of the base.

25-Jul-2016, 17:15
I use the same setup. I modified the motor base to rotate one direction only. I place the drum on the motor and use a funnel with a small hose on it to fill. Never turned the drum over. Never had uneven development. You can do the same!

25-Jul-2016, 17:27
I turn the drum over -- gives me something to do as I do not want to leave for too long (walking off rollers, as mentioned). I use a short piece of plastic hose with a funnel jammed into the upper end like Mr. Kalamazoo do! I bought a short piece at the end of the reel at the hardware store, so it already came with a nice curve to it. The funnel is level and the other end is 90 degrees to the lid and fill-hole.

I started to turn the drum over when I was having major problems with the film back not clearing...leaving a stain that would not wash out. Switching to a non-hardening fixer solved the problem, but I have kept the habit.

26-Jul-2016, 21:12
You might try using more dilute developer and longer development times plus a pre-rinse with water. Make sure you are using sufficient volume and that the drum is level.

I used Xtol 1:1, acid stop, water rinse, fix 1, water rinse, fix 2, water rinse, PermaWash.

27-Jul-2016, 05:00
Good advice above, I too use a base that spins in one direction.
To pour the chemicals into the tank, I use a length of clear plastic hose which I've attached to a cut-off plastic bottle top.
That way I can pour the chemicals in while the tank is spinning.

27-Jul-2016, 15:31
Mine always did a partial rotation one way, but a different amount of rotation the other direction, so eventually through a few back-and-forth rotations, eventually you get all the film rotated so it's still ok.