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Carl Weese
19-Apr-2005, 13:20
Six weeks ago I ordered 12x20 Ilford HP5-Plus from B&H on a "special order" basis with promised 2-4 week delivery. I just spoke with a service rep who said he checked with the buyer and was told that the order is now expected on May 5.

Don't know if this means Ilford is still planning to ship 1220 or if it's a miscommunication. I'll find out a few days after May 5, I guess.


Michael Kadillak
19-Apr-2005, 14:08
Thanks Carl for the heads up. Best thing we within the LF community can do is exactly what you are doing - stepping up to the plate to make a purchase. The inherent net demand will be sequestered by those that want to be in this business with us for the long haul.

Although my 23 cubic foot freezer is busting at the seams with film, I could not pass up a screaming deal on some short dated 8x20 Efke film. Where are all those that were telling the rest of us a little over five years ago that we would be coating glass plates by now?

Time to go out and make some photographs....


Ralph Barker
19-Apr-2005, 15:59
Based on the questions raised in the other thread on this topic, I asked my contact at Ilford USA about it, and got the following response:

"The production of Ultra Large Format Sheet film is still an integral part
of the ILFORD plans for the Black and White business. Black and White Photo
is the core of what we are now doing and we will continue to follow our
Mission Statement of being 'Best in Black and White'. To be 'Best in Black
and White' means that we have to support the true stalwarts of real
photography of which the ULF users are an important part."

Fuzzy, but encouraging, I believe.

19-Apr-2005, 23:30
There is a post by Fred Newman from the View Camera Store at photo.net (http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00BrDw) about the film. He says 11x14 will be the next to go.