View Full Version : Arca-Swiss quick release plate with 11x14?

24-Jul-2016, 16:51
In another post of a video at


the photographer seemed to be using an Arca-Swiss quick release tripod plate on his 12x20 Chamonix. I use one with my whole plate Chamonix but hesitated to use it with my 11x14 Chamonix. Anyone out there use a Arca-Swiss release plate with their 11x14? Would sure be a lot easier than trying & retrying to center the tripod screw hole over the 3/8" tripod screw at times.


Daniel Stone
24-Jul-2016, 17:13
Personally, I'd look at larger mounting plate/quick release adapter options than the Arca, such as those designed for the video/motion picture industry.
The Arca Swiss mounting plate is quite small(IMO) for anything over 8x10(even 8x10 I'd probably prefer to mount directly to the tripod head anyhow, like a Gitzo 3-way with it's large surface area on the top plate, or a Ries.

Sal Santamaura
24-Jul-2016, 18:51
...Anyone out there use a Arca-Swiss release plate with their 11x14?...Yes, this one:


I attached a sheet of thin, self-adhesive rubber to the plate before screwing it in place so it wouldn't mar the base of my 11x14 Phillips Explorer.

24-Jul-2016, 21:49
I found the basic screw mount was easier that the Arca plate for 8x10.