View Full Version : Horseman VH recessed lens board for Copal 0

Aender Brepsom
19-Apr-2005, 12:12
I am looking for an 8x8 cm Horseman recessed lens board for Copal 0 to fit on a VH.

Can anybody tell me where I can find it?

Thank you very much for your help!

Will Strain
19-Apr-2005, 12:17
B&H sells them...

I only have flat here, or I'd sell you one...

Will Strain
19-Apr-2005, 12:27
My mistake - I saw the extended boards and thought they were recessed... upon some research, I'm not sure they make a recessed board. The size is already so small, that once you drop it in, there isn't much room. I don't know that could put a Copal shutter in there.

Sam Crater
19-Apr-2005, 12:34
Will, are you sure? My understanding is that recessed 8x8cm lensboards were only made by a third party (they require a kit to modify your copal 0 shutter.)

Aender, I have a third-party recessed lensboard made by Prototype Designs of Champaign, Illinois that has a Caltar 65mm f4.5 lens mounted in it. It seems like a good unit with nicely designed modified controls for the shutter. It's recessed about 6mm which is enough to make this lens sit nicely on the rails.

Sam Crater
19-Apr-2005, 12:49
Sorry, Will, our posts crossed.

Will Strain
19-Apr-2005, 14:42
no prob - sam... how does it deal with the smaller circle in the front standard (@68mm round on my VH-R)- does it just sit inside that?

Sam Crater
19-Apr-2005, 15:49
Yes, the opening is just slightly bigger than the diameter of the shutter, so any controls that normally lie near the back of the shutter have to be remounted on extensions that move them forward. The end result is a shutter that's slightly more fiddly than the plain copal 0 but still quite practical. Originally the board was sold with a kit including the modified parts so the user could adapt his own shutter.

Aender Brepsom
20-Apr-2005, 08:49
Hello Sam and Will,

Thank you very much for your answers!

Kind regards

Howard Slavitt
22-Apr-2005, 10:41
The above is correct. Horseman did not make a recessed board. The third party board referenced has not been made for about 7 years. Your only source for one would be if you can find it on the used market.