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20-Jul-2016, 14:24
I was thinking of trying some Adox CMS 20 in 5x4 and 120 size, I have some Rollei RLC developer and also Ilford Perceptol, has anyone tried either of these combinations? Would I be better off getting some Adotech developer instead?

20-Jul-2016, 15:41
Never used either of those developers, but I've been pleased with the Adotech developer. And, the latest Adotech III version looks much easier to use (vs II) and is reported to give even better results.

Good luck!

20-Jul-2016, 18:15
I have tried Perceptol 1:10 stand development for 60 minutes. I believe an EI of about 6-12 is appropriate to capture details in the shadow area. This film requires a very short fix time. See the Adox documentation for details.

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20-Jul-2016, 22:37
I like the film a lot but I have only used the Adotech developer. I typically use it at EI12.

21-Jul-2016, 12:05
Thanks for the replies! I'll get some Adotech to be safe and experiment with Perceptol and Rollei RLC to compare.

Donald Qualls
23-Jul-2016, 06:51
I've processed the original CMS 20 in both a PQ low contrast developer (home mixed version of H&W Control) and in Caffenol LC+C, which I originally created for Fuji and Agfa microfilm stocks. Both gave excellent results, but the Caffenol formula (coffee crystals, washing soda, and vitamin C powder) is easier to mix and significantly cheaper.