View Full Version : Old box of film: no notches?

Donald Qualls
19-Apr-2005, 05:09
Kodalith or any other B&W silver image emulsion developed in either C-41 or E-6 (assuming the emulsion stayed on at all in those high temperature processes) would come back completely clear. The silver is bleached away in the color processes, and if the film doesn't have dye couplers in the emulsion (and B&W emulsions don't, with the exception of C-41 B&W), there won't be anything left but clear gelatin.

If you got *any* image after E-6 processing, then it was originally some kind of color film. A C-41 copy or print film would have a clear base just as E-6 would, and would show color shifts in E-6 process. OTOH, outdated E-6 films and possibly old E-4 might also show significant color shifts.

BTW, there's one very good reason to cut down 8x10: if it was cheap or free. If the 8x10 was significantly less than four times the price of the same stock in 4x5, it might have been worth recutting.