View Full Version : What Replenisher Rate (Tetenal RA-4 BX-VR SP) on Colenta Machine 56 RA 50?

18-Jul-2016, 13:43
we are having a color printing maschine for the ra-4 process, Colenta 56 RA 50 T 4-Tank.
We had to switch from kodak for the bleach fix chemicals to tenenal, because the small cans are not available anymore.
(Our laboratory is not used everyday, about every 3-4 days a week, if nobody is printing we use the machine for 2 hours every 3 days,
so the chemicals get fresh again.)

So my questions is, what replenisher rate i should use for this machine, because the instruction for the tetenal "ra-4 bx-vr sp" has 4 different
replenisher rates (standard = 215ml/m2, medium 108ml/m2, intermediate 70ml/m2, low 54ml/m2) ?

i am new in the laboratory, so i do not know what we have now with the still in use kodak chemicals, but i assume it is about the standard rate.

anybody has experience with that?

thanks a lot for help and feedback.

best regards,