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Janko Belaj
19-Apr-2005, 02:39
Hello folks, I have few questions, If you don't mid, I will ask them all in one thread...

I'm developing my b&w film in HP Combi-Plan tanks (have 4 of them) and I have to say I'm delighted with how useful they are. I have got (free of charge) few packages of Tetenal color kits (9 boxes of NK 2 and 7 of UK 6) and I would like to try to develop some film by my own.
First of all, that kits are probably out of date, but I can't tell how old they are. Friend of mine have got them about 10 years ago and have never used them. Those have been stored in cool and dry place, but not in refrigerator. Can that be used? Well, I will try anyway, but would like to hear from those of you who have some experience with such chemicals are there any "compensations" needed for old (not mixed, of-course) chemicals?
The second question goes for usage of Combi-Plan tanks. I have read (here and there) that some people are using them for color processing (hello Calamity :-)) and before I begun I'm asking them to share there experience with rest of us (and today me in first place :-)). Both kits have 4 solutions, so I assume that I have just about right number of tanks. Question is can I mix content of 2 packages together? I think I can... not C-41 and E-6 together but 2 of same kind together so I can get 1 liter of solution.
I'm aware that E-6 process is very, very critical. I have never worked with it, and almost 20 years have gone since I have worked in school lab with C-41... the first and last time I have hand-processed my films. I don't remember process right now and will have to learn it again. Btw, I'm not expecting to get professional results. I have "in-house" (in my firm, not my own!) E-6 lab where I give my chromes to be developed. Huge "hanger" type of processor (excuse me for my clumsy english) and I believe they will work next few years... decades. (I can't imagine (yet) our Playboy photographers to work with digital back on their medium format cameras. maybe in some moment later, but today... no).

So, to resume questions here:

<li>What can I expect from old Tetenal kits?</li>
<li>How to use HP Combi-Plan tanks for those two color processes (temperature, agitation)?</li>
<li>Any other hidden trick or tip..?</li>

Thank you,

Bob Salomon
19-Apr-2005, 06:57
"How to use HP Combi-Plan tanks for those two color processes (temperature, agitation)?"
You fill, time and agitate exactly the same as for black and white. Since the material used to make the Combi tanks is an insulator the only special step is to make sure that your chemistry is at the proper temperature when you put it in the tank.

Some people will pour water of the desired temp. into the tanks to warm them up before putting the chemistry in.

The only thing you can not do with color is to put the film in back to back to process 12 sheets at once as you can with black and white film.

Calamity Jane
19-Apr-2005, 07:10
I've run quit a bit of E-6 thru my Combi-Plans.

First off, yes, I mix two 500mL kits to get 1L. I "mix as I go" - i.e. add 2 packets of Part A to twice the amount of water, add two bottles of Part B, etc - you get the idea.

Second, I usually let my Combi, loaded with film, set in the same tempering bath as the chemicals for a while before starting - brick is handy to keep it from floating away ;-) I use Agfa "Process 44" and, after talking to Agfa, they said do NOT pre-rinse as it will change the characteristics of the first developer - that's why I do the "dry tempering"

Third, during any step that is longer than a couple of minutes, I return the Combi to the tempering tank between agitations. I find the chemistry temp begins to drop if not re-heated.

Fourth, I allow 30 second to drain the tank. Easy way is to START timing when the last of the chemical is down the funnel and pull the plug with 30 Seconds left.

With Agfa "Process 44" I have discovered (thru errors) that it is not nearly as time and temperature sensitive as one is lead to believe.

As to old chemicals, if they are still factory sealed, they're worth trying - but maybe not for your sister's wedding pictures.

Michael Veit
19-Apr-2005, 08:22
I use the Combi-Plans for C-41, but only as a dip'n dunk operation -- emptying and filling the tank as intended was always too frenzied an operation for me. I start with a slightly elevated developer temp and water bath to accomodate for the temperature drop of adding the film holder and agitation. Works great.

Janko Belaj
28-Apr-2005, 06:50
...back on this thread.
Calamity, have you tried to use it as dip'n'dunk? What can be expected to happen to the film in those few seconds when it is out of solution? (I hope nothing, but have no experiences yet with color processing) My idea is to build kind of tank-holder for HP-CP-T [;-))] where some sort of holders will keep HP-CP-T from floating around, and I'm planing to use slowly running warm water to keep temperature at needed warmth (ops... "my" english). Can you share with me (and the rest of us) your temperature/timing combination?
Michael, do I have to be afraid of having film out of solutions with dip'n'dunk method or not? Do you have any experiences with chromes?
Tnx again, Janko.

Calamity Jane
28-Apr-2005, 11:35

I like processing with the lights on, especially E-6. It allows me to watch the thermometer, adjust timing on the fly, etc. I never did figure out how a person does accurate timing in total darkness except for using a tape recorder - and then it's hard to adjust the times.

The Agfa E-6 process that I use is run at 100F and the times are given in the literature. It's not like B&W where you can adjust timing based on temperature. If you get much beyond the 100 degree mark, I have no idea how that effects the processing.

Janko Belaj
28-Apr-2005, 11:51
Tnx Calamity, and small tip (not just mine, I think I have seen it somewhere here (or there) too) - I have "recorded" or "mixed" beeps with QuickTime player, I start "song", if we can call it that way, I give myself few minutes to load films from camera holders to tank holders, and than it starts... on every 25+5 seconds for agitation, and after 8 minutes (that is for my "short" developing) set of more frequent beeps so I know developing time will end. Few weeks ago I have made an mp3 file with "audacity-macosx" (easy to use and free) so I can put it on mp3 player and place it in my pocket. Be (you or anyone else) cleverer then I was - I didn't bought mp3 player but was using my mobile phone. Yes, someone made a call to me just a minute or so before I had to end developing. O.K., I didn't answer and was able to hear the last few beeps... ;-))