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Giovanni Da Ronch
18-Apr-2005, 07:20
Which drawback exist if I print the photos with the Jobo system instead of the classic metod with trays ?
Thank' s

Ole Tjugen
18-Apr-2005, 07:49
If you develop prints in a Jobo, you can't see them develop. It also takes a bit longer if you want to process several prints, as they must be developed and fixed before you take them out of the drum. Then the drum must be washed thoroughly to get rid of all the fixed, and should be dry(ish) before you load the next print.

The same goes for developing film - you can't see them developing. But since most of us don't do that anyway, this is a lot less important. I develop some of my film by inspection in trays, and have just bought a JOBO for developing those I don't need to inspect.

18-Apr-2005, 08:30
All the tanks can make multiple prints. But that only helps if you are working on a set of prints. I used my 16x20 drum to make 4 8x10s at once. But if you're making one print. Looking at it then making the next print the drum will only make one print at a time. Test strips are going to be a pain. If you wash in the drum then no need to wash the drum. Doesn't have to be a complete wash to get the drum clean. The drum REALLY should be dried. Small drops can come back to haunt you. Best if you have multiple drums so the wet one can drip dry while you work. Then use a paper towel to finish it off. Supposedly fibre can be damaged in the drum. Colour paper works great.

Unless you're making big B&W prints I wouldn't use them for B&W. Easier to use trays. But for big prints or colour the drums are great.

bob carnie
18-Apr-2005, 08:36
Timing would be my biggest drawback if I was to print with the Jobo, but not knowing your darkroom situation it would be hard to advise. If you have room for trays then by all means this would be the way to go, OTH if you are doing one print at a time in an evening and need to be doing other things as well as making a print then the Jobo and its extended time frame could be perfectly alright. As suggested above you would want more than one tank to speed up the process.
good luck

Mark Carney
18-Apr-2005, 12:58
For enlargements larger than your normal working trays the system makes life easier.
HOWEVER, a well washed and DRY tank is really a must.


mark blackman
19-Apr-2005, 04:22
Jobo tanks are great for consistant results, once you've got your exposure correct you can produce multiple copies of the same print with confidence they will all come out the same.

The other obvious benefit of the Jobo system is for processing colour prints - you get the temperature control required and a light-tight environment.