View Full Version : Identify a 4x5 film holder for developing

12-Jul-2016, 13:32
I just picked up a super deal on a large format darkroom with enlargers, Jobo CPP2, drums and everything else needed for printing. There is one item that appears to be a film holder for 4x5 film developing. That I can not find anything in all the boxes that would hold this reel.
This holds 4x5 film very nicely only touching the edges and holds 10 sheets. It is a little to big to fit in a Jobo 2820/2870 drum. omebody out there must know about this so thanks in advance.

Tin Can
12-Jul-2016, 13:49
Never seen one of those.

I guess it's for old Polaroid 'clearing'.

Whatever that is!

12-Jul-2016, 13:53
Thanks, and I just found an image of the Polaroid tank/bucket with the negative holder and that is it.

Michael Rosenberg
12-Jul-2016, 13:58
This is from a polaroid dip and dunk clearing tank for P/N film.


12-Jul-2016, 19:04
Thanks for the responce's gang.

Jim Andrada
12-Jul-2016, 19:50
Yup, for a clearing tank for type 55 Positive/Negative film - had one myself once upon a time. It neutralizes/removes all the "almost exhausted" chemical gunk that sticks to the film post development. I would up just doing it in trays.