View Full Version : Cambo Legend Questions... Help Needed

11-Jul-2016, 17:50
I have recently purchased a pre-owned 8x10 Cambo Legend, but I have discovered it has a shot focus knob assembly (rear standard focusing). It was 99.9 % frozen in place (the knob itself, as well as the locking lever) and required all my strength to budge it. After many attempts to adjust it, and several bloody knuckles, it now moves extremely loosely for 1/2 inch, then comes to full stop. Either direction. My guess is that the lube turned to hard glue over the years, or there are shot threads or gear teeth. ...or all of the above. The whole knob assemble wiggles slightly as well. Not good. Maybe there was an impact at some point in the past.

Therefore, I am thinking of replacing the knob assembly (it's the one with the depth of field collar on it) and perhaps the geared mounting block it connects to as well.

So... questions:
- Anyone ever have this issue?
- Who is servicing these things these days?
- Are there parts available?

I can't figure out how to remove the knob assembly, or how to remove the mounting block from the rear standard. If I got new parts I would need instruction as to how to replace the existing parts. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

I am determining whether or not to return the camera if this becomes too big a headache. It's a shame, because it is in otherwise lovely condition.