View Full Version : Swapping Function Carriers on Sinar Normas.

neil poulsen
10-Jul-2016, 13:24
I'd like to swap the function carriers (front and back focus mechanisms) on a Sinar Norma with a set of function carriers that I have with locking mechanisms. (Focus on the current carriers does not lock.)

Is this a matter of unscrewing front and rear tilt knobs (lower right) on the standards, disassembling the standards, swapping the function carriers, and then put it all back together again by reinserting and tightening the tilt knobs again?

It seems like it would be same process as changing formats, except that, in my case, I'd be swapping the function carriers and not the standards.

If I do this, would I be taking apart something that I likely can't put back together again? I need a camera, not a pile of parts. I've never done this, so I thought that I would check in advance.

Scott Davis
11-Jul-2016, 12:04
A Norma is a piece of precision-engineered equipment. If you aren't sure they are compatible, I wouldn't attempt it.