View Full Version : 12x20 Format in Vertical Orientation With Rise Possible?

Andre Noble
9-Jul-2016, 20:50
Is there any modern 12x24 camera that can be oriented to shoot vertical orientation with front lens rise to shoot something like the Flatiron bldg in NYC etc etc?

Tin Can
9-Jul-2016, 21:00
This guy makes nice cameras.


Len Middleton
10-Jul-2016, 06:40
An alternate would be a bracket to convert from horizontal to vertical:


Not necessarily elegant, but doable. Functionality in vertical rise will be dependant upon shifts or combination of front and rear swing built into camera.

Michael Roberts
11-Jul-2016, 06:14
I like this, Len, as it keeps the weight of the camera centered over the tripod.

Did you make the bracket or is it something commercially available?

Len Middleton
11-Jul-2016, 10:21

Cannot claim authorship of design...

See: http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/subs/1sub_accessories_e.html

and : http://www.re-inventedphotoequip.com/Home.html by Reinhold

I was looking into ideas on both designs.



11-Jul-2016, 12:04
I have Reinhold's for my 8x20, works great. Well made . Bill

Dan Dozer
11-Jul-2016, 15:09
When I built my 8 x 20, I designed it to be convertible between horizontal and vertical. Not easy to see on the photos but you just loosen the knobs on sides of the uprights, remove the front bellows from the front standard, rotate the back frame 90 degrees and put things back in place. Pretty easy to do. The back does not have vertical rise, but the front has plenty.

Pete Roody
12-Jul-2016, 12:03
Richard Ritter's ULF camera's are convertible between portrait/landscape.


15-Jul-2016, 21:01
i have seen in the old Korona catalogue that they sold a "Tripod Reversing Attachment " but i never seen one of it in photos. Anyone has a photo of it?