View Full Version : what is universal hypo-wash?

8-Jul-2016, 17:54
I'm cleaning up around the house, and came across two bottles of Arista "universal hypo-wash." I don't remember how I got them - they must have come in some bit of stuff someone gave me, because I did not order it. I don't know how old it is. Here are my questions:

1. Would it still be any good, and would anyone here want it and is it worth bothering to ship?

2. If no to any parts of #1, how should I dispose of it? Is is just some soapy stuff or something worse?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mark Sampson
8-Jul-2016, 19:34
The product's name sounds silly, but then "Hypo Clearing Agent" is a Kodak trademark and doesn't sound much better. It's most likely sodium sulfite and sodium bisulfite in water; that's what every washing aid I've seen has been made of (although non-EK manufacturers might have added a bit of something else). The term "Universal" suggests that it's useful for both film and paper. If there's no mold growing in it, it's probably still good, and in any case not harmful to pour down the drain.