View Full Version : 8x10 Emulsion Lift to Wood

6-Jul-2016, 19:10
Hi. I'm working with Impossible Project 8x10 film, and I'm interested doing some emulsion lifts to wood. I see wood painting panels available from various suppliers (Utrecht, Ampersand, American Easel, etc.) and they look like they'll work great. The recommendation is to size/seal them first, then apply gesso as a ground. But this is for painting. I'm wondering if the same is necessary for applying a photographic emulsion. The goal, of course, is to avoid discoloration, warping, etc. and keep the emulsion from peeling or flaking away over time. Gesso comes in clear and white, and I'd like to make pieces that retain the natural appearance of the wood, and others that might have the white gesso background. That is, if gesso is even required or recommended.

I appreciate any thoughts. I'm not finding good information elsewhere. Thanks.