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Jim Rice
16-Apr-2005, 21:26
I'm still in the thinking stages here. If someone were to think about making dye transfer prints from 4x5 trannies, at what stage in the process would someone enlarge?

16-Apr-2005, 21:48
Don't even think about it.

Jim Rice
16-Apr-2005, 21:56
Well, that makes it easy. ;)

Jim Rice
16-Apr-2005, 23:11
I'm actually thinking about enlarging to the seperations. It stikes me that any masks could then be handled as contacts. Kodak, of course, says to enlarge to the matrices.

bob carnie
18-Apr-2005, 08:44

are you thinking about making seperations to do colour carbon printing??
I have been thinking how to make seperations for colour carbon printing . I have purchased a Lambda lazer writer and I believe that I could easily produce seperated continuous tone film on this unit. Sandy King has led me to a book on this printing method and I am in the process of investigating this route. As well I am going to work with a few established artists producing continuous tone lambda film for alternative printing processes.
If you have any suggestions for me I would appreciate it.
Bob Carnie

Larry Gebhardt
18-Apr-2005, 19:31
I also bought a laser recorder to do color separations. I plan on making 4x5 or 5x7 separations and then enlarging to the matrix film. I will then pin align the matrices to do the rolling. I also just had the pleasure of seeing some of Jim Browning's large 30x40 dye transfer work made this way (laser to 8x10) and they were superb. He also showed me a very sharp print that someone else had done with an image setter making the matrices.

Bob, could you post a link to, or the title of, the book on color carbon?

Larry Gebhardt
18-Apr-2005, 19:34
Jim, I should add that I don't think it will matter to much in quality if you make the seps and then enlarge and this will make your possible choice of sizes larger. Plus it sure is cheaper to make the seps onto 4x5 instead of 16x20 film.

Jim Rice
18-Apr-2005, 20:25
Actually i was thinking of analogue seps.

Jim Rice
18-Apr-2005, 20:28
For analogue dye-transfer. Which is, of course, why Bill offered his advice.