View Full Version : Help with 8x10 lens

Tim Steagall
16-Apr-2005, 04:06
Hey guys, Im pretty new to large format photography and recently got and old B&J 8x10 and am looking for a 300mm + or - with enough coverage to handle some pretty heavy shifts. Speed is not an issue but sharpness is. What do you guys like/reccomend?

Daniel Grenier
16-Apr-2005, 06:55
There is a great source of information right here on this site, Tim. Do a search based on - lenses/LF8x10in - and you will have a comprehensive chart of lenses for 8x10 including coverage (which is what you want in your case - lots of it).

John Kasaian
16-Apr-2005, 08:28
14" Commercial Ektar or 10" WF Ektar!

Robert Musgjerd
16-Apr-2005, 09:48
300 nikor m less than $ 700 new will give you lots of room to move and sharp as a tack

Oren Grad
16-Apr-2005, 11:20
Tim - There are many, many 300mm lenses out there that will give you both a huge image circle (plenty of movement) and excellent optical performance overall. If you can let us know how much weight you're willing to carry and how much you want to spend, it would help in narrowing the field and giving you more specific guidance.

16-Apr-2005, 12:07
If you want a modern lens then:

If weight and expense are not a concern, then Copal 3 lenses: 300mm Rodenstock ApoSironar - S f5.6, or Schneider equiv, down a small step ApoSironar N or equiv Calumet - Caltar, Fuji 300mm CM-W, down another step Nikkor 300mm f5.6 W.

Single coated but really great anyway, and lighter than the above - 305mm Schneider G-Claron - great coverage, Copal 1.

Lighter still, but not as much coverage - Fuji 300mm f8.5C. Some people like the Nikkor 300mm M f9, but I tried one on 8x10, and it was fine for contacts, but not really that sharp near the edges. My Fuji 300mm 8.5C is better in sharpness at the edges. I got rid of the f5.6 lenses because of the weight, but they are the best optically, esp. the Rodenstocks.

David Richhart
16-Apr-2005, 12:45
I agree with John Kasaian's recommendations of the Kodak lenses. Excellent lenses with plenty of coverage, and they are affordable.

Jim Galli
16-Apr-2005, 15:49
300 / 500 convertible Symmar are excellent and affordable. 305 G-Claron in case an 11X14 or 7X17 is lurking in your future.

Tony Karnezis
24-Apr-2005, 15:19
Tim, if you don't need a shutter, you can get a 305/9 APO Nikkor in barrel for $100-200. They're sharp, light, have good coverage, and are also corrected for 1:1 macro work if you think that may be in your future. You can just use a dark slide, lens cap, or a black hat to time the exposure (you can use a metronome and accurately time exposures as short as 1/4). One just sold on the big auction site for $115, and another is now starting at $150. You can find some info on two of the f/9 APO Nikkors (240 and 455mm) at http://homepage2.nifty.com/akiyanroom/redbook-e/. Cheers.

Dan Fromm
24-Apr-2005, 15:50
Um, Tony, if Nikon's claims are to be believed, a 305 Apo Nikkor won't meet Tim's need for "pretty heavy shifts." The coverages reported on Akiyan's site are for 1:1, have to be divided by 2 to get coverage at infinity.