View Full Version : Does Provia nearly always require an 81A?

30-Jun-2016, 06:10
It's a cold, cold world out there and Provia seems to reflect that. Makes me miss E100G I can tell you! Do you always warm up Provia or Velvia with filtration or do you like it as is? What are your favorite metering or ratings for this film? I'll be shooting a fair amount of it this Summer in Maine, so I'd like to have some baselines from which to start my general testing. :-)

Drew Wiley
30-Jun-2016, 08:36
Some photographers like to exploit uncorrected blues in the shadows. It's really up to you. Take some representative test shots with and without filtration and look
at the results on the lightbox. I routinely carry color temp filters for color neg film, but rarely used them for chromes. As you might recall, Kodak briefly offered
a warmed-up version of their chrome film. Some people preferred that; I wasn't one of them.

30-Jun-2016, 09:42
I find that under bright conditions it is OK but generally use an 81A filter otherwise. Fuji data sheet suggests this filter for High colour temperature situations, cloudy or open shade and 82A for morning or evening twilight scenes. I find the coolness varies with processing and exposure too, so too many variables to make a hard and fast rule. With large format sheets I haven't really noticed the coldness so maybe the built in filtration is different but then again I don't think I've shot it under conditions where it would show more.

2-Jul-2016, 01:40
Provia100f? I've never had any issues with blues, certainly not with Velvia50

Christopher Barrett
2-Jul-2016, 04:01
When I shot film for my architecture work (the first 12 years of my career) we never shot chrome outside with anything less than an 81B. Here's a simple test, go out in full sunlight and shoot a greycard, bracketing with different filtrations. Voila, problem solved.

2-Jul-2016, 11:40
Haha yeah I suppose a color chart test would work. I'm going to need to invest in some warming filters. In 2016 no less! Harrumph!

3-Jul-2016, 22:35
Listen to Christopher over me, he knows his stuff.