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26-Jun-2016, 08:41

I'm using an Arca Swiss F-Metric 4x5, which now has the problem
that the front standard swing guide/ruler has become loose
and can be turned left and right by finger.
(first and second images)

See the red arrow in the first and second images,
turning the ruler disc, I can turn it from 0 to -2,
which can become a problem with extreme wide angle lenses, so I'd like to "repair" the zero retent.

When I remove the front format frame (which holds the lens),
I can see an "imbus" / "hex key" skrew (third image)
but I can't seem to turn it, though I didn't really dare to force it brutally.

--> Any idea how to tighten the swing base?

--> What's the yellow thing right to the hex skrew?

Best regards and many thanks,

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26-Jun-2016, 10:57

You might try contacting Rod Klukas; he is a member here but I don't know how frequently he visits (last was mid-June). His email is rod.klukas@arca-swiss.com (no private info disclosed here, he has posted his email in other posts on this forum). Rod has helped me with several of my Arca Swiss related questions.


26-Jun-2016, 14:37
Thanks Bob,

I'll try to reach him!

Best regards,

27-Jun-2016, 08:55

Rod has referred me to the regional Arca Swiss headquarters for repair.
Guess I'll ask there.

Shame, thought I can somehow tighten this myself, but perhaps it's a nonadjustable thing.

Hope that isn't going to be too pricy *knock-on-wood* ;-)

Best regards,

neil poulsen
28-Jun-2016, 14:55
I had this problem and sent it to Precision Camera Works. Problem solved.