View Full Version : A question about the matt board and dry mounting tissue

25-Jun-2016, 01:54
Im planning to dry mount some of my prints.
I set on a great matt board , bu the surface Ive chosen is not even , it has a kind of delicate fine linen texture.
Shall I expect any troubles with tissue adherance, not complete melting while being sandwiched between the print and the board? or any other ?
I will appreciate your experience.

The Joker
25-Jun-2016, 07:08
Of course. If the surface is too rough then the drymount tissue will struggle to get a grip on it.
However, what you mount the print to doesn't have to be the same as the overmat. So why don't you get some smoother board to mount the image to and use your prefered rough surface board for the window mat which is not dry mounted to anything. You can just hinge mount the over mat to the print mount board if you need to (usually unecessary if the print is framed and print mat and over mat are same size.).

25-Jun-2016, 07:46
I wouldn't be surprised if you see a slight texture in the print itself following mounting to a rough surface mat board. I'd highly recommend mounting to a smooth board and, perhaps, using the rougher one for an overmat. Basically, what The Joker said. :)

bob carnie
25-Jun-2016, 07:53
But how do we know he was giving a serious answer?

Roger Thoms
25-Jun-2016, 08:04
it has a kind of delicate fine linen texture.

Doesn't sound like you'll have any problem. All the mat board I've used has some texture. Why not take a work print and do a test.


Michael Rosenberg
25-Jun-2016, 08:26
Alan has a valid point, that is the linen texture of the mat board will show through the print with dry mounting. With some of dry mount tissues there may be an issue of adherence. I suggest you sacrifice with a piece of board and a test print or something.


The Joker
25-Jun-2016, 09:13
But how do we know he was giving a serious answer?

You don't:D

neil poulsen
25-Jun-2016, 13:35
Consider using 2- or 4-ply museum board for mounting, and use your linen board for the over-matte. Museum board comes in a variety of shades of white, it's smooth, and having a cloth composition, it's acid-free. Even if you leave a margin around the photo, you might be able to find a color that works well with what you've selected.

26-Jun-2016, 01:05
Many thanks to ALL of you. All points taken .

28-Jun-2016, 07:48
I have to chime in here if I may. For the sake of some background I am a former mounting department head at Gamma Photo in Chicago and I have a ton of experience (33 years to date) with dry mounting all types of papers. If you must use a board with texture then yes, there is a good chance it will telegraph through the paper. A good double weight B&W paper would still remain rather smooth as long as you don't use too much pressure during application. I would also recommend solving the problem of the adhesive not making good contact with a textured surface by using a carrier free adhesive like Drytac's Flobond. This adhesive will liquefy and settle into the texture of the board while still making enough contact with the print for proper adhesion. As for how much pressure you need, if you have a mechanical press just close the press but do not lock the handle down. The weight of the press top should be adequate. If you are using a heated vacuum press then adjust the pressure so it reads around 5-6 lbs. Ultimately the smoothest results are more easily obtained by using the smoothest materials in the first place.
No for the crazy part: If you have a thin photo paper (i.e. single weight gloss) then consider dry mounting a piece of 20 lb. bristol board to the back of the print first, then mount this combo to the textured board using the same procedure as above.