View Full Version : Arca-Swiss Discovery-widest lens w/ reg bellows

Chip McM
15-Apr-2005, 05:00
Arca Swiss Discovery users, what is the widest lens usable with the standard bellows? I have read conflicting threads where some claim 90 others claim 75. I would like to get a Discovery and a 75mm and at least have back tilt (my most used movement).

Will the regular bellows work or would I need to get the wide angle bellows?

If I was thinking of my long lens being 180 or 200 would I be better just going right to the wide angle bellows?

Thanks for you're help.


15-Apr-2005, 05:26

Go for the leather wide angle bellows and forget about the standard bellows. Itīs more expensive than the synthetic one but worth the money.

I use mine with lenses form 58mm up to 210mm(!) at infinity.

Add the 70cm bellows if needed and you are done.


Ellis Vener
15-Apr-2005, 07:56
With the standard Arca-Swiss lensboard you can probably use a 90mm to focus at or near infinity-- but you'll have no movements.

Dominique Cesari
16-Apr-2005, 12:04
I checked, Elis is right : a 90 mm mounted on the standard pannel (which isrecessed 13 mm) can be focused at infinity , with very limited movements, less than 15 mm rise or fall, and no tilt.

Frank Doering
18-Apr-2005, 22:14
I have an F-line and use the standard bellows with a 58mm xl (on technika board with arca adaptor--the adaptor is recessed I believe as much as the arca lens boards). Hardly any movement, but the lens doesn't allow this anyway. At this extension, the leather bellows hardly work. The standard bellows doesn't provide quite enough movement for the Nikkor 8/90.