View Full Version : Help on buying Horseman Woodman

chin-fan so
12-Sep-1999, 02:40
I am decideing to buy a 45 camera and found this one really cheap, I will use th is camera to do mostly lanscape, any comment will be greatly appreciate. Direct email is wellcome!

Nze christian
14-Sep-1999, 13:45
hello chin I've worked with a woodman horsemann for a year. It's a good and light camera. but there are some little thing I don't appreciate and you have to take care with. I think the central frontvertival swing really missed to the camera. and take care not to put heavy lens (like a super angulon90mm/5.6)on it as the the the front system is not very tough.

If this dones'nt matter you it's a really nice camera.

nze christian