View Full Version : JOBO tank chemical volumes for LF & ULF films?

21-Jun-2016, 17:07
For processing multiple sheets of film I use a
JOBO 3010 (4x5)
JOBO 3005 (Full Plate and 8x10)
JOBO 3062 (11x14, yes I know it was made to be used with processing paper but have had no edge density problems with it when processing 2 11x14" sheets in the drum.

JOBO publishes a range of chemical volumes:
JOBO 3010 210ml-330ml
JOBO 3005 330ml-630ml
JOBO 3062 no published info so I use the 3005's max of 630ml.

I have been using the maximum volumes with each of the tanks.
Developers: Diafine or Rodinal (with the occasional HC110 B).

Have the feeling that I am using too much chemistry and throwing too much developer down the drain.

Anyone out there successfully using less chemical volumes?


karl french
21-Jun-2016, 18:25
Developer is cheap. Film is more expensive. Think about the cost of actually making the picture. Gas, travel, studio rental, model fees, your time, etc. It's foolish to scrimp on chemical volumes.

21-Jun-2016, 19:20
Generally agree with Karl but be carefully of too much of a load in some older Jobo processors. I pretty much use 1L volumes for everything given the size of the bottles.

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Lachlan 717
21-Jun-2016, 20:26
I use one litre in my Jobo 2xxx tanks per two sheets of 7x17".

21-Jun-2016, 22:55
Depends on the developer....

DD-X coupled with HP5+ and you need 200ml per 8x10 sheet, which means you NEED 1L for a fully loaded 3005 or you risk developer exhaustion.

Same goes for color developers.

Rodinal you need something minuscule per sheet, so it depends what the exhaustion rate of the developer is.

What JOBO lists is simply the amount of liquid that is acceptable to fully cover the film and not leave surge makes. That's all that means, the minimum you can use is what they are giving you, you shouldn't use any less than the numbers they give on the tanks.

Good luck!