View Full Version : Super Angulon 47mm XL fitting to TOYO Field 45AII

21-Jun-2016, 08:26

Does anybody have experience in fitting this lens to the TOYO 45AII ? Which lens bord or additional modifications would be required ?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

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25-Jun-2016, 11:40
Good topic, i was going to start a thread asking for a bellow that is designed for wide angle lens on LF, and your question is very similar to what i look for as i have SA 72mm XL, so if your question will be answered then it is an answer to mine too.

David Lobato
25-Jun-2016, 12:04
I have a recessed lens board for a 75mm lens on my 45A. To me that seems like the shortest focal length that can reasonably be used on the camera. The bellows may not compress enough for a 47mm lens, even with the recessed lens board.

25-Jun-2016, 12:07
I have a recessed lens board too for my 72mm lens, so then how can someone use those wide angle say 80mm and wider on 4x5 with some movements?

26-Jun-2016, 02:19
I have used the 58 SA on a Toyo45AII. It is still doable using a recessed lensboard. Of course you have to drop the camera bed, otherwise it will show up in the pictures. And the bellows will be very compressed, making movement pretty hard. Otherwise: the lens doesn't allow for much movements anyway. My guess is that the 47mm will be just possible...

27-Jul-2016, 05:55
Thanks to all for your Input. I have tried to fit the lens using a recessed lensbord. It works. It's not possible to connect a normal cable release while the lens is mounted in the lens board. I found a flexible cable extension (8cm) at a small manufacturer in Germany (Gebrüder Schreck) that fits perfect. Movements are of course very limited but better when using a 6 x 9 roll film holder.