View Full Version : Ebony SV57 case/bag

21-Jun-2016, 02:45
I would like find an appropriate bag or case that can hold one Ebony SV57. I just bought one from B&H for my Chamonix 11X14 with the suggestion from this forum which fits exactly well. Any recommendation?

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Bob Mann
21-Jun-2016, 04:07
Same bag comes in a 12x12 size.

21-Jun-2016, 05:11
12X12?Too big?

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Keith Pitman
21-Jun-2016, 12:59
I use a bag for my 5x7 that is made to hold about eight fly reels. Camera fits well with room left over for small accessories. This is the one I have:


You can find similar cases on Ebay and Amazon too.