View Full Version : Lensboard adapter Canham DLC45 to 8x10 Wehman

Juergen Sattler
13-Apr-2005, 11:03
Has anybody ever seen one of those or made one? I just ordered a Wehman and would like to be able to switch at least one lens between the two cameras.

Kevin Crisp
13-Apr-2005, 11:25
Mr. Grimes made me one which allows the smaller Canham boards off the DLC to fit the 6" Sinar-sized opening of the JMC. It was around $150 and the quality was excellent, I supplied a Sinar board for him to use for the base. I believe the Grimes organiztion will still do this. I don't know the size of the Wehman board, and I guess I am assuming that it is larger than the Canham board. The greater the size difference the easier this is to do.

Oren Grad
13-Apr-2005, 11:29
Why not ask Bruce Wehman whether he can make one for you?

jose angel
14-Apr-2005, 02:17
Hi Juergen, Im eager for reading your opinion about the Wehman!

14-Apr-2005, 09:03
As I've mentioned before, I had www.bromwellmarketing.com machine one of my Wehman boards into a converter-to-Technika board, which works fine. IIRC it cost around $150-190. Better to call than email. I assume but cannot promise that they could also accommodate your Canham board. So there you have two possibilities.

The Wehman board is made out of some composite material that I assume would be easier to work than metal.

Brian Ellis
14-Apr-2005, 18:08
When I was seriously considering a Wehman Bruce said he would make a Wehman to Technika adapter for me for $100 or so.

Juergen Sattler
14-Apr-2005, 18:43
Thanks for all the input. I did ask Bruce if he could make one for me but he pointed me to SK Grimes. I'll try Bromwell and Grimes. SK Grimes did make a Sinar to Linhof Tech III adapter for me once and it was nicely done - it just takes so long for them to make it ( I think I waited 7 weeks for the adapter).

15-Apr-2005, 12:54
Bromwell also takes forever; the actual machining takes place overseas (not in USA).

Juergen Sattler
5-May-2005, 07:13
I did order the lensboard adapter from SK Grimes and it only took two weeks to get it back from them - cost was a very reasonable $135 - I supplied the two lensboards of course. It is very well done and I highly recommend their services.