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Paulo Carvalho
13-Apr-2005, 04:52
I bought a Horseman 970 camera with one 120 film back.
To use my camera with some types of film I need some 6x9 extra backs.

My difficulty is to know which the ones i can use in my camera.
The rabbet is standard and can use any one?
Exists a specific model that I have that to look for?

Thank you for all the answers.

Best regards,
Paulo Carvalho

Leonard Evens
13-Apr-2005, 08:01
I'm not sure what you are asking. I don't see why the type of film, except for the difference between 120 and 220 film, would make any difference.

I have a Horseman 980 with two 6 x 7 roll film backs. I believe it is still possible to find such backs in the used market or (from time to time) on ebay. My documentation lists three Horseman Roll Film holders.
Model 1: 120 film 6 x 9
Model 2: 120 film 6 x 7
Model 3: 220 film 6 x 7

I wouldn't be surprised if the current Horseman Roll film holders, designed for their current 6 x 9 Technical Camera, also work in the older models since the mechanism is standard.

Emmanuel BIGLER
13-Apr-2005, 08:23
I agree with Leonard.
If your Horseman camera is not too old there is much probability that it takes so-called "baby-graflock" kind of rollfilm holders. These backs are based on an older american Graflex standard for 2"x3" press cameras and are common to modern Mamiya 6x7-6x8 and Horseman 6x7-6x9 rollfilm backs.
So, look for 6x7 or 6x9 Horseman rollfilm holders but for a 6x9 camera ; there exist similar ones mounted on a bigger base plate designed for the international 9x12-4"x5" view camera back. Those will not fit on your camera.

tor kviljo
15-Apr-2005, 00:47
By all means - please check compatibility first!. I had several Horseman 2"x3"/6x9cm's over the years up to a few years ago - from the simple Horsemann Press, to the VHR. Now, they had all the baby graflock locks, but the earlier Horseman-models had an uncommon feature of having a raised portion (metal) along outer side of the graflok-sliding locks. This gave no problem with slim-type 2x3 roll holder, but it made it impossible to use the broad Mamiya RB 67 type film holders: On this and similar holders, the footprint (the part fitting inside the Graflok-locks) is narrower than the width of the roll-holder-mechanism-housing, so the mechanism-housing interferes with that raised-features along graflok-locks found on earlier Horseman's, making it impossible to mount the holder. On later Horseman, at least the VHR but I belive also the 985, there were no raised features on the back plate (when GG removed) except the graflok locks, making use of any 2"x3" RF holder easy. I used the Mamiya RB holder on mine. For Your camera: check first before buying!