View Full Version : Nikkor-AM (macro) 210 for general 8X10 use?

Mark Nowaczynski
20-Nov-1999, 12:40
How suitable would the Nikkor AM (apo-macro) 210 mm lens be for general use with an 8X10 camera? Nikon only gives image circle specs at 1:1 (400 mm), but not a t infinity. Has anyone used this lens at infinity with an 8X10, does it have su fficient coverage? Can this more than just a specialized lens? Regards from Toronto,

sheldon hambrick
20-Nov-1999, 16:10
Image circle at infinity is 1/2 of what is is at 1:1. So your looking at 200mm - far to small for 8x10 (325mm).

Robert L Jones
30-Nov-1999, 18:23
Mark, you may want to consider the Fujinon 240/8 A for 8x10. It covers 8x10 at infinity (image circle is 336mm at f22), more than covers 8x10 at 1:1 (twice as large as at infinity), is best corrected for 1:1 to 1:10 distances, and is APO correcte