View Full Version : Linhof 022512

Ed Richards
12-Apr-2005, 19:10
I just got a new Linhof lensboard, #001015, but it did not come with any of the parts to bring the aperature scale to the front of the lens. A posting described these as being in a kit with Linhof part #022512. Anyone know if that will work on a fairly new Rodestock 90mm 6.8 in a copal 0 and what it costs? I am suddenly curious because I tried to use the lens today and found that I had to remove it from the camera to have any chance at seeing the aperature scale to set it.

Bob Salomon
13-Apr-2005, 01:50
Yes iy works but did you get the latest lens board with the red dot on the side of the opening?

Ed Richards
13-Apr-2005, 06:22
Thanks for the quick response. It is clearly the newest design and is brand new stock. What is the signficance of the red dot? Do you have any info on the cost and availablity of 022512?

Bob Salomon
14-Apr-2005, 03:51
The red dot is on the lensboard you are looking for and not on earlier versions. It is the indicator as to if the press focus is open or closed. Does your board have the red dot?