View Full Version : Are ULF Panoramic Film Size Dimensions Standardized?

Andre Noble
14-Jun-2016, 00:47

I am interested in getting in to ULF Panoramic photography eventually. I am looking at the 12x20 format. I know film for the Ultra Large Formats must be special ordered once a year.

My question is: if one orders say, 8x20 or 12x20 film from the once a year Ilford special run, are the exact film's dimensions standardized throughout the industry?

Ie, if I order 12x20 film, will it fit perfectly into 12x20 Chamonix Film Holders as does 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film fits perfectly the current respective Toyo and Fidelity Holders?

Jim Noel
14-Jun-2016, 06:48
I have not heard of a case of the film not fitting. There is a problem with some holders not fitting some cameras.

Len Middleton
14-Jun-2016, 06:58

Ilford only lists the nominal size for 8x20 and does not distinguish between different cameras or eras.

The Ilford 8x20 film I have, fits well into my 80+ year old Korona film holders. Overall dimensions seems to be about 1/8" short of nominal, according to my measurements of a developed negative within its sleeve.

Hope that helps,


Tin Can
14-Jun-2016, 08:05
I will add that 7x17 holders vary. X-Ray 7x17 is too wide for my holders, it need a little slice, but Ilford 7x17 fits.

Jim Noel
14-Jun-2016, 10:11
Fuji 7x17 x-ray film fits my S&S holders, and some of my holders from the 1930's, but not all.

Andre Noble
15-Jun-2016, 19:30
Len, and everyone else. Thanks for info. I will double check when I make actual decision whether or not to get in to the format.

Paul Ewins
15-Jun-2016, 23:17
Photographic film is usually slightly smaller than the nominal size, while industrial film (like litho film or x-ray film) is more likely to be exactly the same as the nominal size, as you would expect. From memory the reason that photo film is undersize relates to the changeover from glass plates to film, where the manufacturers offered steel septums to fit into your plate holder that allowed you to use film. The glass plates were the correct size but the film had to be slightly smaller to allow for the thickness of the metal septum.

Andre Noble
21-Jun-2016, 12:12
Paul, thanks for the info. Now everyone's commen above falls in to place. So photographic film dimensions are all standardized to slightly smaller than nominal.

21-Jun-2016, 14:47
A brand new Chamonix holder will certainly match up with brand new ILFORD 12x20... I wouldn't worry one bit.

Andre Noble
21-Jun-2016, 18:29
Cool, thanks