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Darin Cozine
12-Apr-2005, 18:26
Someone just snagged what is probably the coolest ULF ultrawide camera ive seen.

here (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7506327833&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1)

It appears to be an 11x14 fixed focus with rise only and a goerz hypergon mounted on it. Does anyone have any info on the make of the camera?

David A. Goldfarb
12-Apr-2005, 18:36
Quality Camera got a great deal, I'd say. I was outbid at $550.

michael Allen
12-Apr-2005, 18:55
it came in at 837.00

Dave Moeller
12-Apr-2005, 20:53
The price seems pretty reasonable to me, given the rarity of the lens. The camera would be, for most of us, a throw-away. (Well, really, a display item.) But the lens is certainly worth a few bucks...imagine what the price would have been if the central fan had been in place.

Michael Jones
13-Apr-2005, 07:28
In some focal lengths the Hypergon came in two versions, with or without fan. More coverage with the fan.


paul owen
13-Apr-2005, 12:51
As a complete "idiot" when it comes to such lenses :) - I checked the pics and it does look a bit "rough"??? How much would the new owner need to put by to get it cleaned up etc?

Mark Sawyer
13-Apr-2005, 12:52
The 75mm Hypergon with a fan covers 8x10; the one without (which is on this camera) was less, as Michael said. I'd be very surprised if it came close to covering 1x14, but it may be a wonderful effect with the edges slowly fading to black.

I have a 75mm Hypergon with the fan on an 8x10, and it's by far the most persnickity lens I've ever used. But there's nothing else like it...

Mark Sampson
13-Apr-2005, 13:08
Mr. Sawyer, can you please show us any photographs made with this legendary lens? I think of 75mm as wide on 4x5. And "persnickity", I can believe that.

Mark Sawyer
13-Apr-2005, 13:15
I'll post one or two scans here (or is a new thread better?), but it may be a few days; I'm technologically disadvantaged...

("Mr. Sawyer?" You sound like one of my high school students!)

Mark Carney
13-Apr-2005, 15:49
Can someone explain about the 'fan'.



David A. Goldfarb
13-Apr-2005, 19:57
The fan was a precursor to the center filter. The idea was that you would make part of the exposure with the fan swung out of the way, and then you would swing the fan into place and spin it using the air from a second bulb that attached to a fitting just for the fan. It was a way of dodging in-camera.

Michael S. Briggs
13-Apr-2005, 23:31
From the photo on the ebay auction, the lens originally had the metal fan. There is a fitting for an air tube and attachment points to which nothing is attached.

The words on the lens are "Goerz Berlin", "Hypergon - Doppel - Anastigmat", "Series X. No. 000a F=75mm", "No. 276578". Then there is a control level with two positions labeled, "48" and "96".

The Goerz Hypergon is described on pages 54--55 of Kingslake's book A History of the Photographic Lens.
Seth Broder has posted scans of a 1913 Goerz American Optical Catalog which includes Goerz's description of this lens: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/goerzcat/goerzcat.html In 1913, you could get this lens new for $49!