View Full Version : car pooling to LF Conference from Toronto area

Robert Skeoch
12-Apr-2005, 17:46
I'm thinking of going to the LF Conference near Boston next month. No idea how long the drive is but am considering driving. Anyone interested in car pooling and sharing costs.

John Cook
13-Apr-2005, 03:58
I have spent the last 30 odd years visiting the in-laws in Barrie. The best route home seems to be up the Queen E Way, cross at Gananogue to route 81, south to route 90, east to Springfield. Just about 500 miles from Toronto, which we do in about five hours including breaks.

Getting off route 81 in Watertown and taking route 12 to Utica is a beautiful farmland drive which is shorter, has virtually no traffic and is considerably shorter. The McDonald’s in Watertown NY is exactly half way. Surrounded by plenty of gas stations with lower prices.

May as well make the trip one last time, before Customs starts requiring US citizens to show passports upon reentering NY, beginning the end of 2006.

John Cook
13-Apr-2005, 04:04
Sorry, that should be ten hours including breaks.

The NY Thruway is the only toll road. The western half of the Mass Pile is free, thanks to Governor King.

Steve McKinney
13-Apr-2005, 21:11
Hi Rob,

I'm considering going. However, I'd likely just go for Friday and Saturday. Have to be back for family events for the Victoria Day weekend on Sunday morning.

Where are you located?

Robert Skeoch
15-Apr-2005, 06:22
Hey guys,

After looking at this conference schedule for two months I just realized this week that it was the May long weekend. I can't go, the family wants to do the cottage thing.
Thanks all, it sounded like a good idea at the time.