View Full Version : Negative scratches

13-Jun-2016, 07:16
Curious how everyone repairs small "pinholes" and scratches on negatives.

Jim Noel
13-Jun-2016, 07:41
Spot them to the point of being darker than their surrounding area, then there will be a white spot in the print which can be spotted to correct tone.

13-Jun-2016, 08:44
What do you spot them with? Base side or emulsion side?

21-Jun-2016, 14:35
I have found some "Multi Sepia Opaquer Retouching Pens" (0.05mm) in red with which I have had some success in retouching pinholes and small detail in negatives. Got them (they have the same in black) at FLS Discount Supplies (www.PCBsupplies.com). Not easy to use w/o magnifier, but patience pays... Have been spotting on base side so as to provide an opportunity to remove, though this is tougher to use w/o emulsion tooth.

As far as scratches are concerned, not much luck w/ pens, but I seem to remember reading something long time back about using a "vaseline type" material (or was it mineral oil?) to fill in minor scratches, but someone else will be better able to answer as I never tried it myself. As a condenser enlarger guy, I'm paranoid about using procedures to avoid them the best I can. Only thing which has seemed to work reliably for me.

Best, Jim