View Full Version : Lensboard adapter for Pacemaker Graphic to Cambo?

David Van Gosen
12-Apr-2005, 12:31
Does anyone know of an adapter to install Pacemaker (Speed & Crown) Graphic lensboards on a Calumet / Cambo camera that uses the typical 6 3/8" square boards? Seems like I've already got a bunch of my lenses mounted on Graphic boards, and I've just picked up this older Calumet 4x5, so an adapter would make a lot of sense for me. I took a chance on one from eBay that looked like a good fit, but was just a tiny bit too large. I'm pretty sure I can make one from aluminum stock and epoxy. It'd be a lot faster if one was already available.

Thanks, David

12-Apr-2005, 13:06
I used to sell them and they are easily made. KEH used to have a few and so did the old Columbus Camera group.

Vick Vickery
12-Apr-2005, 14:16
I've seen a couple of them on ebay over the last few months...don't remember the selling prices, but I think they went pretty reasonably.

David Van Gosen
12-Apr-2005, 15:09
I checked; both KEH & Columbus Camera Group are out of stock. Anybody got a spare?

13-Apr-2005, 09:42
www.bromwellmarketing.com can make any board you send them into a converter board to take any other smaller board. It will cost a lot more than doing it yourself (assuming your time is free), but it is a good alternative for those of us who have neither the equipment nor skills to do it ourselves. I'm unafiliated, just a satisfied customer.

13-Apr-2005, 13:19
Hello, I have an old Cambo SC lens board to graphic press boards. It works excellent. I obtained mine from the web auction about a year back for about $35.00. Not for sale, but wanted to verify they do exists. Hope this helps, Paul

13-Apr-2005, 14:17
. . . another path that may be more abundent? Pick up the graflex adapter that goes from the Graphic Press lens board to the Graphic View lens board. These show up a lot!

Then the view camera lens board size is 4 x 4 which is a broad standard in large format. Cambo also has a production adapter that goes from Cambo to 4x4 standard. But if you can not nail one down then bolt the 4x4 adapter to Cambo SC board with a large #3 hole cut in it for some room behind your press lens.

As a matter of fact I have an old but in good shape B&J 4x4 to press adapter on the shelf. Four holes through the Cambo metal into the 1/2" thick wooden B&J view camera boardwith 4 wood screws and you are in business???

Email me if this would interest you? I might be able to build you a complete "FrankinBoard" if you like?

David Van Gosen
13-Apr-2005, 18:46
Thanks to everyone for their help. I was able to find an original Cambo adapter board at Midwest Photo for a fair price. Guess I should have called them first. I'm used to seeing all sorts of odd stuff on their website, but the new one doesn't have all their inventory up yet.

Again, thanks to all for your help.