View Full Version : old ektachrome single sheet ready loads expired

Bill Kelleher
9-Jun-2016, 07:55
And I am back, I also found 3 boxes of Kodak ektachrome 100 speed ready load single sheet packets, it has been at room temp for at least8 years the expiration is 2/2009. I am pretty sure there is no hope but I put it to the group is it worth trying a few exposures............?
Thanks Bill

Andy Eads
9-Jun-2016, 12:51
Bill, perform a simple test. Take a photo in daylight, use the sunny 16 rule for exposure, have lots or neutral tones in the photo (and/or a gray card). Have it processed and evaluate for film speed and color balance. The later emulsions Kodak made were fairly stable. Good luck. Andy

Drew Wiley
9-Jun-2016, 13:08
Too bad they weren't frozen. I'd expect a risk of highlight crossover and a tad of muddiness to overall saturation. But simply test.