View Full Version : what is a graflex film adapter?

11-Apr-2005, 07:52
I have been looking at some Graflex film adapters. I have a Graflex speed 4x5. What is the purpose of these adapters?

11-Apr-2005, 08:03
To the best of my knowledge there is no such thing at a Graflex film adapter. I expect that you mean a Film Pack Adapter, which holds a no-longer-available pack of 12-16 sheets of film in a single handy unit. If this is what you have, throw it away; they are not worth anything. Incidentally, there is also no such thing at a Graflex speed 4x5. What you probably have is a Speed Graphic 4x5, made by the Graflex Company (in one of several corporate names). They are wonderful cameras. The best on-line information is www.graflex.org, but for the very best information I suggest that you find a copy of the old "Graphic-Graflex Photography" book which was published until the 50s or 60s. They're cheap, and an excellent source of information about all things Graflex. Good luck.

Neal Wydra
11-Apr-2005, 09:09
Dear Patrick,

As noted above, these are only of value for display purposes. You might be able to find an outdated film pack to go with it on the shelf.

Check out www.graflex.org for more information.

Alec Jones
11-Apr-2005, 09:55
Film pack adapters may no longer be useful for using film packs, BUT they are very useful for parts - namely, the darkslide. They can be used in other applications - film holders, or (cut down) in roll film backs.

J. P. Mose
11-Apr-2005, 12:37
Film pack adaptors also used as viewing backs with ground glass installed in them. Typically, Graflex cameras which use "Graflex" accessories (not universal accessories for a Graphic or Graflok back) were not furnished with a Graflex focusing panel. A "Graflex" style film pack adaptor can be used for this purpose if a focusing panel cannot be obtained (often hard to find).