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8-Jun-2016, 19:03
.....I'm seriously thinking of dropping the dime for it.


Cambo 4x5 monorail. Comes with a case, a Calumet 8"[215mm]/4.8 (convertible to 14"[355mm]/10!) with an Ilex No 3 shutter and a Calumet 150mm/6.3 with Copal 0. Both lenses are on boards, and a reflex finder/focuser to boot. No film holders, but I have several now.

The only issue I can find so far is one of the springs that holds the back on is very very weak. This means the focus screen is not tight on one side, and it also won't hold the film holders in properly. But I think I can jerry-rig it until I can get a proper fix done.

I haven't tested the shutters for speed accuracy, nor actually run some film through to verify no light leaks, but the bellows is 100% good.

Not the Sinar P2 I've been asking Santa for, but this may satisfy my thirst for a 4x5 rail.

8-Jun-2016, 19:11
Depending on the price, it's fine. I have two.

8-Jun-2016, 19:22
I think they were asking $300. But I might be able to haggle that down with the spring issue.

David Karp
8-Jun-2016, 19:37
Nice cameras. I had two at one time! Check completed auction prices on Ebay to get an idea of reasonable pricing. The prices on these have dropped over the years.

8-Jun-2016, 22:51
I have two and a half of these. (Please don't ask about the half...)

They are excellent studio cameras and I have most every accessory made for them. (Yes, I have GAS!)

BUT due to their weight and my bad back I am in the process of converting all my lenses to fit a brand new Chamonix for field work. When I'm in the studio, I have an adapter to put the Chamonix Linhof-style lens boards onto my Cambos.

Keep your eyes open on Craigslist and FleaBay for accessories such as a replacement back, compendium, bag bellows, more lens boards, etc. (I said I have GAS!;))

David Karp
8-Jun-2016, 22:59
One of the best things about these cameras is that there are lots of accessories for sale at any given time. And the prices won't break the bank.

Jim C.
9-Jun-2016, 06:31
If you can haggle them down go for it, it's a good camera, I have the 4x5, 5x7 and a 8x10 Cambos.
Front standard parts are interchangeable between them except the rear standards for the larger ones, naturally.
Calumet Photo also sold them under their own name so parts and lens boards are plentiful.

9-Jun-2016, 08:21
with two lenses? that's a good price

any holders included? dark cloth, focuser, case, cable release?

a lot of times those come with

oh..tripod too

9-Jun-2016, 09:27
No film holders, but I already have plenty. Has a cheesy dark cloth and a reflex focus for the back. No cable releases. It has a relatively nice case though.

David Karp
9-Jun-2016, 10:19
By the way, the convertible 215mm Caltar is a nice lens. When you use it converted to 14" for black and white, hold a strong yellow filter (like a #15) in front of the lens. This will correct some problems that occur when you don't have the front element screwed in. Focus with the filter in place. You need long arms or some tape. Or maybe Cambo made a compendium lens shade with filter slots for gels. Also, make sure you have a push on cap to protect the rear surface of the front lens cells.

9-Jun-2016, 10:55
That 215mm lens itself is worth around $200. Another 150mm lens is $100.

9-Jun-2016, 19:59
Checking for light leaks, I ran a single sheet through it.


Lookin' good!

9-Jun-2016, 21:10
Or maybe Cambo made a compendium lens shade with filter slots for gels.

They do. I own two. (Hey, I said I have GAS!) :)