View Full Version : Any info on these lenses

Matt Mengel
10-Apr-2005, 21:41
I have three lenses not mounted in shutters, perhaps process lenses? I plan on using two on my view camera in front of a Packard and the other - I'm going to build a camera around it.
They are: Wollensak 8 1/4" (210mm) f8 - Apos 165mm f4.5 Colorstigmat (made in USA by Elgeet) - Bausch & Lomb Opt. Co. (Yellow Dot) Tessar IC 164mm EF f4.5
The first two are coated but the B+L appears uncoated. They all cover 4x5 with some movements. The Wollensak has a Burke & James sticker on the outside.
Does anyone have first hand experience with any of these? How about in an enlarger? I have two D-2's I could mount them in. Thanks.